The Final Internet Marketing Campaign








Shoff Development Internet Marketing Campaign

Shelley Hoffman


Kaplan University

December 24, 2012

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Shoff Web Development is a new company that would like to kick off its grand opening with an innovative internet marketing campaign. Being a new company they have not yet established themselves in the business world therefore have quite an extensive list of needs which must be meet in order to successfully launch their business. This marketing campaign is designed to help them overcome challenges they are facing that come with starting a new business. The biggest challenge the clients are facing is creating a successful brand image in order to attract customers. There is so much competition on the internet and in order for them to succeed they must stand out from the rest and find their place in the online market. All of this must be done while sticking to small budget.

The following is a needs analysis for Shoff Development that must be met in order for the internet marketing campaign to be a success.


Needs Analysis

  • An extremely talented project team.
  • Company website to inform potential customers as to what services are available.
  • Highly secure databases to house user’s information and store images.
  • Small ecommerce area to sell images.
  • A strong brand image established.
  • Successful promotion of company online to attract new clients.
  • Complete project within three months while sticking to a strict budget.


The ultimate goal of the campaign is to attract potential clients. The first step in the process is building a brand image. This will involve creating a company logo and spreading that logo along with the company’s culture, value, vision and mission across the internet. The website will be part of building a brand image and will provide detailed information about the company’s services. The project team will be well rounded in marketing and technology and will have the skills to accomplish the project goals in a timely and efficient manner.

The main focus of the marketing campaign is to promote the web design services at Shoff Web Development. The website will reflect this by having a strong concentration on web design services which will include web development, graphic design and photography. There will also be an extensive showcase of past projects for potential clients to see the type of work they do. Shoff Web Development would also like to set up a small ecommerce section in order to promote/sell the many stock images they have acquired. The images can be purchased by existing customers for use on their web sites or from other individuals or businesses that are in need of stock images. The marketing campaign will bring awareness to the public about the types of services and products that are offered.

Our target market is small to medium based businesses that are looking to create their first website or makeover their current one. The demographics will include a wide variety of industries from building or retail to healthcare and manufacturing. The companies do not have the resources or the need to have a dedicated in-house web design staff. They are looking to create a more small scale web site that an outside company can create and maintain periodically throughout the year. Another important characteristic of the target market is that they find value in the personal attention and exceptional customer service they receive from small businesses such as Shoff Design. They want a more exclusive design service that will have the time and resources to get to know who they are and be able to transform their vision and qualities into a website. Shoff is a small design firm therefore at this time they would like to concentrate their web design services on small to medium businesses in the Southern Ohio area with the opportunity to expand the customer demographics as the company grows. With the exception of the stock images that will be promoted to customers all across the nation.

Networking Strategies

Throughout time networking has proven to be a successful way to find leads in the business world. Today’s networking strategies differ from those 10, 20 or 30 years ago due to the fact that a majority of business is conducted over the internet. Because of this our marketing project will concentrate on modern day networking strategies to increase the overall project success.   We will first focus on internal networking strategies which includes how communication will be conducted during the project. Various methods used are e-mail, social networks, video/teleconferencing and project collaboration websites (Linton, n.d.). Using an online collaboration platform such as Agency Hub by PBWorks will allow anyone involved to have up to date information or input on the project. Team members or sponsors can use the wiki to discuss concerns or ideas. Project schedules, milestones and tasks can all be listed and the progress followed by all. Images and files containing reports will be available on the collaboration platform and can be restricted to only certain individuals if needed (Agency Hub, 2012).  For instance if there are sensitive files that only top management and sponsor should have access to the platform can be configured to only allow those individuals access to it. Email will also be used on a regular basis to send out reminders and status reports. For group meetings we will video conferencing to allow everyone face to face dealings. These meetings are extremely valuable because any concerns, ideas, etc. can be discussed with everyone involved at one time. The preceding ideas will efficiently and effectively communicate inform about the project to all stakeholders.

Networking strategies will also be used to build a customer base by promoting the company through various social media outlets. Modern day business has been changed by the internet. Many clients are found online. With this in mind we will create direct links on the website to the popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Shoff Development accounts will be set up on each to help promote the company. Share buttons will also be included directly on the website. This will make it easy for visitors to recommend our site to others (Woodrow, 2012). These techniques will help to establish our brand in social media and build up the websites visibility thus increasing traffic to the site (Ivkovic, 2010). A blog will be implemented which will build on the web development services offered through Shoff Web Design. It will be free to all and offer all sorts of informative articles about web development such as new internet technologies and the pros/cons of each.  This is a popular technique that will bring potential clients to the site and help to create brand value in the customers mind.  Creating value for free is an excellent way to build a relationship with the site visitor ultimately leading them to services/products to purchase that will offer them even more value (Caban,2012). The social media tactics listed above will help to build a solid network around our brand.

Additional strategies are to join professional networking sites both on and offline to further develop and maintain business relationships. Sites such as LinkedIn, PartnerUp and Networking for Professionals are all excellent marketing resources to promote Shoff Web Design to other business professionals and find potential clientele (Gregory, 2009). These sites often have professionals looking for Web Design services or Web Designers looking to purchase images to incorporate into their own projects. Community networking groups will also be used. Signing the company up with the local chamber of commerce, web developer groups and other small business organizations help spread the word about Shoff Web Design. Not only do these organizations help endorse the company they are places where other professionals are looking for business services. Creating company profiles and staying current with these networks will take time but the return on the investment will pay for itself by helping to establish a customer base for Shoff Web Design.

Project Team

The project team was selected with careful consideration. The needs analysis established what roles were required in order to meet the objectives. The following table is a brief overview of these team members and roles they will fill.


Title & Department

Role: Person’s function within the team

Dennis Moore Project Manager

Administrative Department


Will use common project management practices to execute, control and close the internet marketing plan. This includes determining scope, SWOT analysis, resources, schedules, stakeholder’s needs, budget, timeframe and any/all project components (Certification Partners, 2011).
Corbin Beckett Marketing Director/Manager

Marketing Department

Will design and implement the marketing plan based on the needs of Shoff Web Design (Black, 2012).
Chuck Ledgerwood Business Development Manager

Marketing Department

Will assist the marketing manager. Help to build brand in the industry, find ways to improve competitive advantage and utilize modern day marketing practices (Black, 2012).
Kalea Garlow SEO Specialist/Analysis

Outside Consultant

Recommend and suggest keywords to increase search engine rankings, ways to improve our online and branding visibility. Monitor the quality and amount of traffic to the website. Access the overall appeal and ease of use of the site (Floyd, 2009).
Shelley Hoffman Web Site Designer

Front End Developer

Graphic Designer

IT Department


Design the company website.  Determine what color schemes, images and content should be used to create a visually appealing interactive site to market Shoff Web Design.
Cyndi Roybal Back End Web Developer

Database Administrator

IT Department

Implement the necessary coding/scripting on the website. Design and create SQL databases.  Ensure site security is established.


This report is to establish the main goal of the internet marketing campaign as well as a basic overview how to make that happen and who will be used to do it.  The needs analysis, networking strategies and project team were created based on Shoff Web Developments goals and the type of company they are. All modern day marketing practices and web technologies used in the industry were taken into consideration. This is a basic plan that will be used to launch the official project. Once the project is launch a more detailed analysis will be compiled after careful collaboration with all stakeholders.


Various software as a service (SaaS) programs will be integrated into the marketing campaign. Saas are programs hosted by a service provider and accessible to people over the internet. Using Saas instead of traditional installed software comes with many benefits. The first would be SaaS tends to be faster and easier to set up where as installed software comes with lengthy installation processes that include complicated configuration. SaaS is software that is managed by another organization so they are responsible for all of the updates and maintenance on it. Installed software requires users monitor and apply their own updates and fix any problems that occur themselves. The pricing on Saas tends to be better because you do not have to purchase multiple, expensive licenses and maintenance plans as in installed software you have the choice of either subscriptions, per use, per month, etc. which can make a huge difference in the final price. If you decide you don’t like or need the service you can cancel it but on the installed software if you don’t like it you have already purchased it so the money is wasted.  Finally relying on a cloud solution puts the resource demand on them and not you. It can save your organization money not having to deploy extra servers, data storage or the IT staff to install and maintain the resources (Enzer, 2011). Saas is an excellent solution for a small startup company which has a limited budget and will be working with clients on all different types platforms. There are all sorts of Saas products that can be used for marketing purposes. We have chosen three different types for our campaign.


The first Saas that will be used in the marketing campaign is a collaboration tool called Huddle. It is a cloud platform where people involved on a project can share ideas, files, deadlines, etc. regardless of their location or platform. Features include; file sharing and management,   collaboration tools such as e-mail, discussion areas, whiteboards, web/phone conferencing, task management for milestones and deadlines, security such as setting permissions and SSL as well as people management to oversee everyone on the project.  The Huddle workspace can be accessed with any device you just need an internet connection (Huddle, n.d.).

The service is extremely easy to use.  Users choose an account type, sets up the account and then log in, once logged in the user can start project collaboration. A workspace is automatically set up for the first project. If there are additional projects more workspaces can be created.  Within each workspace are tabs that list all of the collaboration tools for instance to add people to a team, click on people then invite them to the project. If you need to upload a file (word doc, PDF, image, video, etc.) click on the file tab and there is an option to upload single or multiple files. If a user finds a file in the workspace they would like to download they just click on the file and select the download option.  To specify a task, click on the task tab and enter the start, end, due date and who it is assigned to.

This service will be used in the marketing campaign as a project management/collaboration tool.  Team members will be in various locations they can log on to the workspace to share ideas, submit documents, have sponsors/management sign off on documents and check calendar to see when certain tasks are to be expected. The project manager can enter all of the project tasks and who is responsible for them into the workspace. When the deadline is near an email will be sent to them to notify them of it (Project Collaboration, 2011).  Each team member can update their work so everyone can track progress and have input as to what is and isn’t working. The service is a good way to keep everyone involved with the project every step of the way.


FoxyCart is another Saas tool that will play a small but important role in the overall success of the marketing campaign. The main focus of the campaign is web development but ecommerce also needs to be addressed. FoxyCart is an ideal solution for this because not a lot of time or money needs to be spent on setting it up and managing it. There is the option to customize the look so it can add to the overall look and feel of the web site. Stock images offered on the website can be selected and placed in the shopping carts. Marketing promotions such as coupons or promo codes can be directly tied into the checkout process.  The checkout page can also be configured as a full service checkout service providing users with a downloadable file once their payment is accepted.

Some of the best features of the program include an easy set up process for implementing the shopping cart and checkout on the website. The shopping cart resides on your webpage but the application programming interface to set configure and manage it are on their site (Webster, 2012). The service offers customized or default style shopping carts that can be set as a modal window (pop ups over existing page) or full web page. The shopping carts can be configured to include promo codes, discounts, taxes and shipping amounts.  Foxycart’s hosting solution can also handle PCI and other government compliancy, SSL certificates and security (FoxyCart, n.d.).

Once you sign up for FoxyCart the process to implement on your site is fairly easy. First use their FoxyCart Dashboard and create a store. This includes naming the store and including the URI of the site and company, store sub domains, etc. For the cart they provide you with code to add to your existing web pages which will integrate the shopping cart into your site. The final checkout page is created using their AutoMagiCache which requires the user create a basic “place holder” HTML web page on the site where the FoxyCart functionality will go. Once that is done you enter the URL to FoxyCart admin and it will configure the rest for you.  Payment gateways, merchant services, bank accounts and shipping services can all be integrated into the checkout process (FoxyCart, n.d.).

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytical tool employed on a website to understand what type of visitors are frequenting it  as well as how they are doing it and what they are doing once on the site.  Features include; Analysis tools to customize data to view and reports to create, Content analytics that shows what information in your site is doing the best, Social analytics to track how the social media tools you are using are working, Mobile analytics show how mobile is affecting your business, Conversion analytics allow you to see how many people are visiting your site and how they are using it once there and advertising analytics to tell how your ads are working (Google Analytics, n.d.).

This tool is free and easy to set up for a website. The user needs to create an account with Google Analytics where they will be asked to set up account properties and the website properties. The website name and URL to be analyzed will be entered here. Users can select only certain pages be tracked or select the whole site. Custom reporting or standard tabs are displayed in the user account where analyzed data is displayed. Once the account is set up the user will put the tracking code Google provides into each page to be tracked (Google Analytics, n.d.).  Users can download or email the analytics directly from each page to specified location (email, PDF, Excel, etc.).

Google Analytics will be used by the SEO analyst to improve our online visibility and overall appeal of the site. They can use the data to make sure website goals are successfully tying into our marketing campaign objectives (Google Analytics, n.d.).The SEO analyst will use it to see what type of customer demographics our site is attracting, what operating system and screen resolution they have, how useful the keywords we have chosen are and what visitors behavior is once on the site. The data can be used to improve or completely remake areas of the site to bring in more customers or better reach our target market.

Animoto Videos and Browser Add-ons

Online video presentations are an excellent way to market a company’s products/services because it helps captures the audience’s attention in a creative, fun way. Animoto is an easy to use online video presentation tool that will be used to promote Shoff Web Developments services. The videos will be placed on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook to get the word out about the company.

Plug in technology also known as browser add-ons are free tools that can be used to increase productivity in business environments. Networking is an important part of marketing a business. Sharing documents, images, etc, is often a part of promoting products. Having the browser add-on Online Convert will allow you to share your information with other without having to worry whether or not they can access your documents because of format type. This tool will make it easier to promote your business to prospective clients or collaborate with existing ones.

The following is an Animoto video presentation of Online Convert.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software will be used in our marketing campaign to help build Shoff Web Developments brand. The software allows businesses to constructively interact with their customers while marketing products and services.  It will be used to effectively communicate with customers through emails and newsletters (Lorette, n.d.). The software will manage all interactions with the customers and the information obtained will be analyzed and used to better serve them. It will teach us who the best customers are and what behaviors they posses as well as what marketing techniques we are using are effective. The following article explains the benefits of using CRM in business and provides an overview of the

CRM Software Use in Business Practices

Customer Relationship Management, CRM is a business technique used to manage and track existing or new customers in order to grow the relationship value (“CRM Defined”, n.d.). There are a vast number of companies on the market today that provide CRM software to help businesses meet their goals. The software provides tools which help effectively and efficiently manage all customer data, marketing strategies and sales information. CRM software is a platform where companies store all of the information about current or potential customers in a database. This can include customer contact information, demographics, orders, complaint history, advertising methods, correspondence and many more. CRM software can be configured for all business types and goals.

It is an important tool and practice to implement in business because it helps a company better serve their customers, bring in new ones and meet business goals. A company can better serve the customer by obtaining and storing as much information about them in the software. Then use that information to learn as much as they can about the customer in order to provide better service.  Customer service departments can also make use of the CRM software to be more efficient in their jobs because data can quickly and easily be found. This results in happier customers because the staff can quickly answer their questions and it makes a more productive staff (Taylor, 2007).

Reports, graphs and charts can be created from tracking and analyzing customers then used to evaluate the current marketing plan and create a more successful one.  For instance if the CRM reports show a decrease in sales in a certain area the marketing department can launch a new campaign more suited for the customer demographic in that area.  Analyzing customer buying trends can also help determine if products should be discontinued as well as future product development.   Businesses are in business to make money and that is done by setting goals for the company. Maybe they want to reach one million customers by its fourth year or ten million in sales. All of the information obtained from examining the heart of the company, the customers, will give them a better understanding of their business operations as a whole and what is needed to reach their specific goals.

CRM Software Solution

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a software solution that can be used in small and large businesses. There are many aspects of any CRM software solution that need to be considered before implementing in a business environment. With this in mind the following is an overview of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM online addresses these features.

1. Scalability

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to be used by companies of all sizes. As a business grows, needs change and the software can be customized to the accommodate growth as well as the changing needs. The system can support 5 to 500,000 users which can easily be added or removed as the needed.  It can be deployed on the cloud, on premise or privately hosted. If company needs change in the future the deployment method can also change. The customer is in charge of what feature and functions they choose to deploy. They can create custom business applications and industry solutions (Microsoft Dynamics, 2011).

2. Data Use and Ownership

All data that is stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM software is the customers. They own the data and Microsoft does not use it in any way. The software works well with other Microsoft products and you can easily import/export data to and from programs such as Excel and Outlook.  Data can also be uploaded to other CRM system software by way of Excel or  purchasing a third party system to make exporting large amounts of data easier (CRM 2011, 2012).

3. Ongoing and Recurrent Costs

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online costs $44 per month per user.  The software is designed to pay as you go. Cost includes all features that are available and 5GB of storage. A company can purchase more storage as needed at the cost of $119.88 for 1GB per year (Microsoft Dynamics, n.d.). There are no hidden costs.

4. Software Security

All customer information is sorted in Microsoft data centers where they apply state of the art technology and procedures to ensure continuous access to information as well as security and privacy of the data. Microsoft uses third party audits and certifications to ensure to customers that operations and safeguards are in place to protect their data. Some of the certifications and compliance standards they follow include ISO27001, Safe Harbor and the nationally recognized auditing standard SAE16 SOC1 Type II. Microsoft makes all of this information public for its customers (Security, Audits, n.d.).  Microsoft ensures data backup and recovery by using redundancy to eliminate specific areas of failure. In addition Microsoft CRM software customers have their own database so data is not mixed with others. This is yet another safeguard Microsoft uses to ensure the data integrity and security (Microsoft Dynamics, 2012).

5. Training and Support

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers E-learning courses and manuals so your staff can easily learn how to use the software. There are also 24 hour online learning resources available such as a CRM community, blog and resource center.  If this is not sufficient for your business needs Microsoft offers different levels of premium tech support plans that can be set up through Microsoft Certified partners. A strong selling point of this product is that it integrates easily into Microsoft environments therefore are easy for users to learn because it is so similar to other Microsoft products (Microsoft Dynamics, 2012).

Keywords and Search Engines To Conduct Web Searches


Methods used to obtain the preceding information included using a variety of keywords, search engines and search techniques to produce the desired search results (See Appendix). When deciding what keywords to use the main topic had to be established in this case it was finding a CRM software solution or company. At this stage in the research we only need to establish what company to use for CRM software so an advanced or more specific search was not required. Therefore the keywords ‘CRM Software Solutions’ were entered into the Yahoo Search Engine to find a company who provided the service. Once the company was found the search needed to be more exact as specific features of the software were to be reviewed. To do this the search engine AltaVista was used because it has an advanced search which allows the user to customize the search to produce a more precise query. Keywords such as security, independent audits, scalability, hidden costs and customer database where added along with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to provide results related to the specific product. After the first advanced search it was obvious there was terminology which needed to be omitted in order to ensure a better result. Certain words were specified to be left out of the search such as the keyword, Performance. This was because the first query produced a whole page of results that listed a Security and Performance article from Microsoft Dynamics CRM that was not relevant to the search. The search engine Lycos was also used with keyword phrases such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Scalability to see if the results were different then AltaVista’s. Dogpile search engine was used with the same keywords to see if a more desirable result would be displayed.  In addition to keywords used, Boolean operators were also employed on basic web searches.  Boolean operators help limit the search results by using words or symbols such as and, minus or + and -. The combination of appropriate keywords, Boolean operators, advanced search and different search engines produced plenty but not too many websites that were relevant to the topics.

CRM software is a very beneficial tool to use in business. If used correctly it can create valuable, long lasting relationships with current customers. CRM systems provide a platform to integrate a company’s current business processes, marketing goals and customer base to more effectively reach business goals.  There are many CRM software solutions on the market today. Each one must thoroughly be analyzed to ensure it is a reputable company that can meet your company’s needs. A good place to start to find and research a CRM service is the internet. Make sure when doing so you use the appropriate keywords and search engines in order to limit the search results to a more manageable, relevant amount.


Email Marketing

Email marketing will be implemented into the marketing campaign to further promote Shoff Web Development. Company newsletters will be created that discuss what is happening in the industry, current promotions, company highlights and educating consumers/business owners about the importance of having a strong online presence. The newsletter will be sent as an email that people can subscribe to when they visit Shoff Web Developments website or on social media sites.


Internet marketing is different for each company. There are many factors that will determine what type of internet marketing campaign is right for your company.  Aspects such as size and type of business as well as current clientele or target market all play a role in internet marketing specifics. There are a few items which have already been discussed as possible tools that could be applied to Shoff Development’s internet marketing campaign but there is one in particular that has not been discussed. This valuable marketing tool is email marketing and should be included in the campaign.

Shoff Development is a new company therefore in order to succeed and grow new customers must be acquired. The internet is packed full of companies trying to do the same thing. It is hard to stand out or compete with others trying to the same thing. One way to do this is by making a more personal connection with those on the web and offer them value. Email marketing is a great way to do this. It can be used in conjunction with other internet marketing techniques. The benefits of email marketing include:

Increased Engagement – Keeps the customers involved and personalizes it more than some other forms of internet advertising.

ROI – Studies have shown that this form of marketing returned $46.62 for each dollar spent in 2009 (Global Advertising, 2009).

Cost Effective – It is less expensive than other forms of advertising and has reporting tools built in to see how customers interact with the email (An “apples to apples”, 2012). This allows you to identify what is and what is not working in the emails you are sending to customers. It could notify you as to which ads are not being clicked on or newsletters that just get deleted before they are even opened. Resources can then be allocated to what is working in your marketing campaign and not wasted on things that are not (Brookes, n.d.).

Emails can be created as company newsletters. This can information about industry happenings, promotions you are running, company contact information as well as company logo to familiarize others with your company. Links can be added to the newsletters so customers can easily access your website, subscribe to the newsletter or share the newsletter with others. Having others spread the word about your business is a free form of advertising. In addition 2009 studies by the Nielson Company showed that 90% of people trust advertising recommended from people they know and 54% trust advertising from emails they sign up for(Global Advertising, 2009). This form of advertising is more personalized and builds a level of trust with your customers that might be hard to establish other ways.

In summary an email marketing solution would be an excellent tool to use to help satisfy the need to drive business to the website. It is affordable and can be customized to your business. The program can be integrated with other internet marketing tools such as social media or blogs. It also allows you to better know your customers/target market and advertise accordingly from statistics provided by the email marketing software (Messick, n.d.).  This is a great way to offer the customer value and help your company stand out from all of the other web development firms on the market. When an individual is in need of a website or image they will remember that and to consider Shoff Development for all of their services.



Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping will be used in the marketing campaign to provide customers a detailed overview of Shoff Web Developments services. They will act as a visual illustrations of products offered for marketing purposes (Salazar, 2012). Working prototypes will be created to show clients/prospective clients the type of interactivity that can be added to websites.  It will allow Shoff Development to test out innovated new approaches in web design and see how the market responds to it. These will be working models of fictitious websites that the public can critic. People will be able to comment on things they like and things that they don’t like in the design. It will help target what people want from a website development company and what they don’t want, whether it be creativity, feature rich designs or practicality.  The prototypes will be included as links in the newsletters that go out in the emails. Rapid prototyping will also be used to create interactive models of proposed websites for clients. This will save time and money Shoff Development as well as for provide a better experience for the customers.

The following presentation discusses how it can be used in business and looks at the popular rapid prototyping tool Adobe Fireworks:

Web Blogs

A blog is defined as a website that contains thoughts, opinions and interests of the writer also known as an online journal (Blog, n.d.). They are popular forms of social media that are used by companies to attract and engage their customers.  A blog will be implemented in the marketing campaign to help build Shoff Web Developments brand as well as build relationships and create a greater presence on the web. The content within it will build on the web development services offered at Shoff Development. It will be free to all and present all sorts of informative articles about web development. Various topics will include new internet technologies and the pros/cons of each, how to use a website to grow your business, moving from a brick and mortar company to strictly an online store, etc.  This is a popular technique that will bring potential clients to the site and help to create brand value in the customers mind.  Creating value for free is an excellent way to build a relationship with the site visitor ultimately leading them to services/products to purchase that will offer them even more value (Caban,2012).

Here is a sample of what blogging can do for Shoff Web Development:

Industry specific blog articles that will focus on web development, social media, etc.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy of data will be a top priority throughout the marketing campaign. From the data that is collected from customers to the data being distributed between Shoff Development and the marketing team it will always be a main concern.  Privacy policies will be clear so the customers will understand what information is collected about them and how we will use the information. It will not be distributed to a third party and only used by Shoff Development (or the marketing team for benefit of Shoff Development). Customer information will not be used to distribute Spam.  Any emails that are distributed will be by the customer’s request only.

the marketing team and Shoff Development will also be sharing data over the internet for business and collaboration purposes. For this reason any cloud company that is used will be thoroughly researched. Only companies that use secure transmission methods, do not distribute or information without our consent and do not own our data will be used. This will help maintain the privacy of both companies as well as the data being stored or distributed for business purposes.  The internet is full of privacy concerns. Staying educated about the concerns, the data we are responsible for and the resources we are using is an important part of the overall marketing campaign. The following article is just one article about privacy in the cloud:

Browser Emulators

The final tool that we will be using in our internet marketing campaign is a browser emulator. Brand consistency is important especially when building a brand from ground up. Browser emulators   will be used to test for consistency in our marketing materials. Newsletters, advertisements and rapid prototyping might look different in different browsers or different operating systems.  Browser emulators will allow us to see how they might differ between the different browsers without having to download/purchase different browsers or mobile devices. This will allow us to make necessary changes to ensure consistency.  The following is a quick walkthrough of using a browser emulator to check for differences in web pages.

In this experiment I am going to use the Adobe Browser Lab emulator to view webpage’s in different browsers and operating systems. The emulator will let me view a specified URL in various browsers and operating systems without having to download the software to my computer. There will be a different web page at two different websites used in the experiment. The first web page is from the shelleysaid blog which is hosted by the WordPress website and the second will be from an active website created by a novice web designer. Browsers that are included are Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and FireFox. Chrome and Safari only have one version and operating system where as Internet Explorer has multiple versions and FireFox has one version two different operating systems.

Testable Hypothesis: The type of browser used to view the webpage’s will affect the contents layout and display but the type of operating system used will have no effect on it.

The two webpage’s display will vary depending on the browser type used but not and depending on the type operating systems. Content placement on the page and visibility will be examined. To ensure it is not just one webpage and not the other we will duplicate the testing on both webpage’s within the browsers. The pages will also be tested side by side with different operating systems.

Conclusions that can be drawn from the experimental findings are that between the various browsers there are many differences regardless of the webpage being viewed. For instance the page length is considerably shorter in Safari compared to Internet Explorer. Firefox has the Follow tab across the about me paragraph whereas Internet Explorer has it at the bottom of the page in a hidden tab. The title text in version 9 of Internet Explorer is displaying differently the version 7. When the pages are viewed with Firefox browser in different operating systems, they display the same for both webpage’s. Therefore using the tools available to us in the Adobe emulator I have come to the conclusion that different browsers will produce different visual results with the webpage’s but different operating systems will not.  For further review of the experiment please see the screenshots below.


Page length not the same between browsers.


Page length different and font on chrome not as clear, appears a bit broken up and grainy whereas IE 9 is clear.


Follow tab on side of page in view, Internet Explorer hidden at very bottom.


Not a lot of difference with different versions of browsers. IE 7 and 9 displaying different page length and title color



In IE Navigation bar not display correctly but Our Commitment banner stretching the entire screen as should be.




Tested in Chrome vs. Safari  and FF vs. Safari interactive navigation bar displaying correctly in all browsers but webpage width and length is less in Safari and font is different Chrome is a lighter grey then Safari . The Our Commitment banner is also not stretching the entire length of the screen as in Safari.








Pages rendering the same in both operating systems.






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