How to track the success of your blog post and make money blogging.

There are many ways to track the success of a blog and one place to start is within the blog itself. WordPress comes with a built in analytic program called ‘Stats’. This is an analytic program that tracks activity on your blog. The program offers several tools that can be used to collect various data. The data collected can then be used to increase your blogs rankings and page views.  Three important options to track are; Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, and Search Engine Terms (Stats, n.d.).

Referrers is a tool that shows how others link to your blog. This can be from another blog, a website or specific search engine. When a visitor coming from one of these places clicks a link which directs them to your blog it counts the views as referrers. The information gathered will let you know where and how traffic is coming to your blog. You can frequent referrer sites to see exactly what content of yours is gaining their attention. If visitors are starting on another blog/site you can see what content they have that might be different from yours which attracted the visitors in the first place. Once you know this you can focus on creating content or keywords to keep those referrers as well as what to add to increase views from direct sources rather than the referrers.

Top Posts and Pages is just like it sounds, it lists blog posts and pages which are receiving the most views.  The data will show you which topics or perhaps certain writing styles are more popular and bringing in the most traffic.  Posts and pages that don’t seem to do so well can be avoided or revamped. This allows the blogger to concentrate more on information that is bringing people to the site and not posts that aren’t.  Having more relevant content on your blog will increase overall page rankings and views (Britt, 2011).

Search Engine Terms shows what terms, words and phrases visitors are using to find the posts and pages on your blog. For example if people type ‘my first website’ in their search engine and your blog appears in the results that phrase will be listed. Keywords are very important in search engine results. This program will show ones that are doing well. The data can be studied and used to bring more visitors to your blog. Perhaps the data will show a lot of people use the search engine term ‘website help’ to find your pages. This popular term can be strategically placed in all of your pages and posts to bring in more traffic. Taking the information and grouping keywords and phrases closely together will bring in more attention from search engine spiders which will help improve page rankings. There is a lot of completion out there for popular keywords. Terms that are showing up in this tool can be used to create long tail keywords. These are more unique keywords that are less competitive. They can be tailored to your site content and help you stand out from the thousands of other bloggers on the web (Britt, 2011).

There are many ways you can make money from your blog such as advertising, adding hyperlinks and keywords or working for someone that will pay you to write a blog. The first advertising can be achieved in two ways. One is to sell advertising space or place ad banners from other bloggers or websites directly on your blog.  You will get a commission each time their advertisement gets a click. It is good to make ads relevant to your site for example if your blog is about web development have ads for services or products related to web design that you yourself do not offer.  Hyperlinks and keywords can also be placed in the blog. These will take visitors to another’s website and that website will pay you if that person purchases something from their site (Herrfeldt, 2012).Money

Many plugins are available that are compatible with WordPress. These will assist you in making money from your blog. A popular one is Google Adsense which can be linked to your Google analytics account. This enables Google to place ads from Google participants on your blog (Herrfeldt, 2012).

WordPress created their own advertising program called WordAds. To get the service you need to submit an application. If approved WordPress will launch it on your blog. Ads will be placed on your blog and you can earn revenue from them. WordPress has full control over what ads are on your blog. They pay based on popularity of blog not per click on advertisements.  The earnings can be tracked on your WordPress dashboard which is where you manage everything else on your blog.

There are many way to earn revenue from your blog but ultimately the amount of money you make depends on the amount of traffic your blog attracts. With this in mind remember to write everyday in order to keep content fresh, be different, outrageous, and funny and try to promote your blog wherever you can (Harris, n.d.). Following this advice will help increase traffic to your site. Happy blogging!

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